Happy Easter Weekend. Happy April. How is it April already?

Well as usual……. ha ha…I will leave it there 🙂 It was going to be a busy weekend at church and of course everyone was going to be out with their Easter best. Of course I didn’t want to be left out so I needed something but didn’t have the time to make anything. I know I was feeling some kind of pant suit, so off I went to Marshall’s and scored this blazer. The kicker is I bought these crop pants/capris a month ago from Marshall’s too and when I saw this blazer I was like yup that’s it, I have to get it.


I paired my ensemble with some old gray heels since I was really dressing around my serve tshirt and Voila. Outfit was a total hit at church and everyone thought I actually made it. Shows you how much creativity everyone expect from me. I might just make a few of these. We will see.

Hope your Easter Weekend went great. Do you dress up for church? What do you love to wear? Let me know in the comments.